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Learn ways to incorporate emotional intelligence practices into your school curricula or business.  Learning Through Play offers curricula development consultations and training material to help businesses and educational facilities grow.

Please note that out of an abundance of caution due to

the COVID-19 pandemic, we are postponing our Montessori at Home workshop series.  

When we are able to confirm future dates, we will share them with you.  Thank you.

Click here to learn more about our upcoming workshops! Up next, we are hosting a four-part series on creating a Montessori-based learning environment in your home!

Fun activities producing positive results!  By playing and creating together, kids develop and learn essential social skills that will be beneficial to them throughout their life.


At Learning Through Play, we help you discover the secret of true success. Now, you might be thinking, "True success, you say? That's a lofty goal. How could you possibly make a claim like that!?" The answer is rather simple: success truly means "the achievement of desired visions and planned goals." Success IS actually within everyone's reach because it is not about being rich and famous. It's the realization of YOUR everyday hopes and desires, and we will show you the surefire things YOU can do to ensure becoming successful!!!

One thing is especially crucial for success... and that is Emotional Intelligence. A person could have the highest IQ in the world and have many great skills too, but if they don't have emotional intelligence, there's a huge chance that person will struggle all throughout life.

Another essential skill is having a Growth Mindset. A person must believe that talents can be developed through hard work and dedication. If you don't believe you can change and grow, what you believe, like all self-fulfilling prophesies, becomes true. Essentially, it's all about perspective - the way you look at yourself, the people around you, and life in general. We may all look at things in a fixed way from time to time, but fortunately, we DO have the ability to change! Having a Growth Mindset not only allows for continued growth, but it also instills the skills needed for developing resilience and grit, 2 things which are absolutely necessary when when trying to obtain long-term goals and when (not if, as this will definitely happen) one faces adversity.  

The last tenet of Learning Through Play's track to true success is the one that holds us apart from the others. This conviction of ours holds true for adults as well as children, and it is that PLAY is an absolute necessity in life!!! As we continue to age and our responsibility grows, we often give up play for more serious pursuits, but in doing so, this is usually the first step to losing sight of our true priorities. We slowly begin to neglect ourselves, friends, family and loved ones for our career or other "worthwhile" pursuits, but it is exactly these relationships (to others as well as to ourselves) that keep us grounded and well-rounded. It is through PLAY that 

 our relationships, family and life experiences are enhanced.  Whether we are planning a family game night, playing a team sport, dressing up for a costume party, throwing a frisbee on the beach, or even playing fetch with your dog in the park, PLAY relaxes and rejuvenates us all at the same time.  Play stimulates the mind, boosts creativity and helps improve our relationships and connections to others, all while helping us feel young and energetic. In our stressful go-go-go lives, play helps us remain mentally and emotionally stable... it adds joy to life, relieves stress, supercharges learning, and connects you to others and the world around you.

Learning Through Play seeks to educate and help individuals by focusing on these three pillars of success so you can more easily connect with others on a deeper level to find peace within your home, your work, your relationships and within yourself. Every individual has the potential to be successful and have a vibrant and rewarding life!!

Take the first step with us to attain your goals!! Learning Through Play provides life coaching, professional consultations, and workshops to help individuals, couples, parents and co-parents 

identify personal strengths and discover new skills.  Join us today!!!



Who: Parents with children 2-5yrs
Date: TBA
Time: 1:30pm-2:30p
Price: $25

(includes take-home curricula and materials)


Join us for a brief introduction to who Maria Montessori was, some key principles of the Montessori Method and tips on incorporating Montessori Principles in your home. We will chat about each room in your home and how to prepare each room to foster your child’s independence and creativity.


Planting the Seeds for Reading and Writing

Who: Parents with children 2-5yrs
Date: TBA

Time: 1:30pm-2:30p
Price: $25

(includes take-home curricula and materials)


During this overview of Maria Montessori’s unique approach to language, parents discover how a young child can easily absorb language materials with a multisensory experience that will lead them towards independent reading & writing.




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