There are a number of classes available for both after-school and homeschool schedules. Class games and activities provide a “safe space” for kids to express themselves, have valuable social time, and learn important life skills.


Examples of activities include the memory boxes, play dough expressions, dragon taming, if I were a superhero, dream catchers, story drawing, glitter calming jar, feeling fishing, bucket fillers, and colors of me.

Nikki Mingledorff is offering parenting education to families, parents, co-parents, single parents, individuals and couples.


Whether you are seeking support in resolving a specific issue, or to address more general goals in parenting and in life, any topic is welcome! Coaching sessions are scheduled individually and can be recurring or as-needed.

Workshops are where the real “community” happens, where we address together the challenges faced by families. Whether the issue is maintaining intimacy, how to balance self-care and our many responsibilities, or talking to your children about grief, Learning Through Play workshops are designed to equip parents, couples and families with the skills and support to be resilient and connected.

Workshops will be announced soon, so stay tuned! In the mean time, tell us what workshops you'd like to see:




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