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What's the difference between Coaching and Consulting?


Both services are highly personalized and tailored to your needs, but there are some main differences.  The focus of coaching is on the client's inner abilities and helping them to identify and improve those skills. On the other hand, consultants focus on a particular problem that can be improved with the attention and guidance from a professional who has expertise on the subject at hand.  

Coaching is a collaborative process. A coach will facilitate growth in their client throughout the coaching process. A consultant will analyze the problem and then will decide what actions need to be done to achieve a desired goal. 


What's the difference between Coaching and Therapy? Why choose a coach over a therapist? 

Therapists use a medical model, which focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders. Therapy often centers around analyzing patterns and cycles of dysfunctional thoughts and behavior using a historical perspective. Therapists accept patients where they currently are at in regards to motivation and create a treatment plan based off of this.


Coaching, on the other hand, is primarily present and future-based work. Coaches tend to only accept clients that are ready, willing, and motivated  to begin tackling their goals immediately. A coach empowers individuals to create smarter goals by collaboratively  discussing priorities and serving as an accountability partner to clients. 

What are the main benefits of Coaching?

If you're looking to make an impactful change in your life, coaching will provide you with the hands-on professional help you need to do it. Not only will we work with you to develop a sound plan to reach your goals; you'll have constant support and accountability to properly execute them. You'll have a cheerleader and coach in your corner at all times, and you won't be alone at any point as you work to push towards a better future for yourself and your family.


With coaching, I'm able to be more hands-on. Not only will we work together to develop a plan; I will be your biggest cheerleader as well as your coach as you work through those steps. When you hit a roadblock, I'll walk you through it. We'll communicate regularly and constantly assess and reevaluate your goals. I'll observe your actions and help you tweak your approach in real-time. We'll celebrate wins—no matter how small—and I'll be there to encourage you every step of the way. 


What are the main benefits of Consulting?

Like coaching, you'll benefit from having a smart and well-developed plan. It will be tailored to you and created by a professional, with the goal of being easy to follow and execute. You'll also get support from an expert in a more flexible manner, both in terms of cost and time-commitment. 

With consulting, we'll work together to come up with a detailed plan after assessing your issues and figuring out how best to tackle them. We'll establish a meeting cycle or a path of communication that allows you to keep your goals attainable and lets me help you stay accountable. We'll revise your goals based on progress at each check-in, but the work is done primarily on your own. I'll arm you with the education and tools you need to succeed. 


What are the main benefits of Parenting Education?

The primary benefit is filling in the gaps in your knowledge base. You'll be getting professional help in a structured way that will help you commit things to memory. Our Parenting Education courses provide a didactic approach to improving your parenting experience. Additionally, the curriculum for each course is personalized and tailored to your specific needs. 


What are the main benefits of your Classes/Webinars?

They're easy to fit into your schedule and highly affordable. There will be a wide variety of subject offerings to help you learn new things that will improve your life as a parent, partner, and person. 

What the difference between Parenting Education and your Classes/Webinars?


Parenting Education is typically hyper-focused on a specific thing. Classes and webinars may cover similar material, but in those instances we're teaching a handful of people together in a class setting. You'll get to ask questions and get some interaction with the instructor, but not in the same way that you'll get one-on-one attention through Parenting Education. It's similar to the difference between attending a class and having a personal tutor. Also, whereas classes and webinars are set and scheduled by us, Parenting Education is more flexible. We can create a curriculum tailored to your individual needs! 




How much is coaching?

Before we begin, you'll be able to have a complimentary discovery call to determine if it's a good fit for us to work together on your specific goals. From there, if we decide to move forward, there will be a 90-minute plan development session, which is priced at $100. 

From there, hourly rate for coaching is $175/hr but custom packages can be created depending upon your need. You may choose to have 60-minute or 90-minute weekly coaching sessions or you can add mini check-ins and text/email contact as well with a la carte pricing.


Change does not happen overnight. Habits take time to form and we're looking forward to working with people who are motivated to reach their goals. Investing in a more extensive time commitment for coaching is not only beneficial to you, but also cost-effective, as you'll save by paying for a contracted timeframe in advance. If something should arise that necessitates the cessation of our coaching relationship, you will be refunded for time not utilized under your existing contract. 

How much are Parenting Education courses?


Before we begin on any course, you'll be able to have a complimentary discovery call to determine if it's a good fit for us to work together on your specific goals. From there, if we decide to move forward, there will be a 90-minute plan development session, which is priced at $100. 

How much are Classes/Webinars?


Prices will vary based upon the content of classes and the length of the commitment (some will be single sessions and some will be packaged as a series of classes). The general range will be $25-$50 per session. Multi-session courses may be discounted. 



What will I get in return for my investment in Coaching?


Investing in coaching may feel like a luxury, but stop for a moment and consider what your life might look like if the problems you're facing as a parent were resolved. Oftentimes, we don't prioritize these things. Life just gets in the way. But once a problem is created, it's very hard to unring that bell. Things inevitably snowball when you don't face them. 


I am not a used car salesman. My goal is not to swindle you or sell you something you don't need. I'm truly passionate about helping parents. While none of us will ever be the perfect parent, having a knowledge base and support system is key to success. I come to this work with no agenda apart from helping parents cultivate healthy, connected, informed relationships. When you consider the worth of happiness and quality of life for your family, the return on investment becomes clear. 




What is involved in the Coaching process? Who will I be working with? 


This service is provided by Nikki only at this time. We'll begin with a complimentary discovery call, as we want to make sure it's a good fit for both of us! I only work with clients motivated to really do the work to change their life. I can't change you on my own or guarantee a certain outcome, but I can promise to give you my all. If you work hard, I have faith you can reach whatever goal you set, provided that it's realistic and measurable. Once we decide to work together, we'll do an assessment and set some goals to work towards. Then we'll establish a timeline for meeting (see above for rates and packages). 


What is the process for Consulting? Who will I be working with? 


Nikki handles the vast majority of our consulting services, but Cassie & Jane are specialists in Montessori home environment and educational consults. The process will begin with a complimentary discovery call where we assess fit and find out what problem you're seeking help with and how much interaction you'll need. From there we'll hold a 90-120 minute plan development session (billed at $175/hr). Communication from that point will be agreed upon by you and the consultant based on your budget and schedule. We're available to meet virtually (Zoom, GoogleDuo, FaceTime, Phone Call etc.) at the $175/hr rate. Email communication is available at a reduced rate of $100/hr, $50/30 min, and $25/15 min. 


What is the process for Parenting Education? Who will I be working with? 


Nikki, Cassie & Jane all provide this service. We'll begin with a complimentary discovery call to uncover the problems at hand and assess what issues you'd like to be better educated on. If we agree to work together, we'll move on to a 90-minute plan development session (priced at $100). From there, we'll develop a personalized curriculum for you (see the breakdown above for pricing based on length of the course). The breakdown of each educational session is approximately 50-55 minutes of conversation, education, and exercises to help you fully absorb and incorporate the information presented. I save the last few minutes of each session to address any questions you might have. 


What is the process for Classes/Webinars? Who will teach these?


Our classes and webinars will be offered by Nikki, Cassie & Jane. They will be priced per class and will vary in cost and length based on content. We'll offer sign-ups and expanded descriptions in advance of each course. Sign up here to get on our mailing list to be kept up to date on upcoming offerings! 


Is my work with Learning Through Play confidential? 


Our utmost concern is creating a safe, open space for parents. You're putting your problems into our hands and we take that very seriously. All of our work together will remain confidential. 


There are tons of options for care out there. From therapy to life coaching and more. Why should I choose you? 


Our team has extensive backgrounds in therapy, education, coaching, and consulting. We're empathetic and highly focused on helping you find the right fit for your needs. We've cultivated a team that is blessed with natural gifts for connection and support. As a unit, we're well-rounded and highly educated. We deeply, passionately care about parents and their kids. We truly want to make this world a better place, full of healthy, happy families. For us, the work we do is more than a job—it's truly a calling. 

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