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Fun activities producing positive results! By learning and playing together, everybody wins.

After-school and homeschool mixed-age classes – therapeutic play and art-based activities that stimulate minds and help strengthen life skills.

Smart steps for strong living! Connecting through coaching to conquer life’s challenges.

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Learning Through Play seeks to build a supportive community based on shared experiences and the potential within every individual to have a vibrant and rewarding life.


We provide classes, workshops, and coaching for every member of the family, identifying personal strengths and discovering new skills and coping strategies. Games and activities based upon therapeutic principles instill self-confidence, self-awareness, and heightened people skills – all in a lively and collaborative environment.

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'tis the Season of Gift-Giving!

Saturday December 14th, 2019


Broadmoor Arts & Wellness Center

 3900 General Taylor, New Orleans, LA 70125


Through a series of directed and free-range crafts, such as making thankful turkeys, trees, and pumpkins, the goal of this workshop is to help children embrace the joy of gift-giving!


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Every Mon & Tues beginning January 6th!

Broadmoor Arts & Wellness Center

 3900 General Taylor, New Orleans, LA 70125

Our classes provide a fun space to nurture emotional intelligence, self-confidence, self-awareness, communication, coping, & conflict resolution skills.

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