Learning Through Play Founder and Executive Director Nikki Mingledorff has lived in New Orleans for over 20 years. Nikki received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Tulane University in 2000 and her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of San Diego in 2004. She began working as a Mental Health Professional in Mental Health Rehabilitation in 2005. In her professional work, Nikki employed techniques stemming predominantly from cognitive behavioral therapy and systemic therapy, particularly Minuchin’s structural family therapy, Sue Johnson’s emotion-focused therapy, Bowenian family systems theory, and Virginia Satir’s human validation process model. She is also EMDR certified and has had extensive training in Child Parent Relationship Therapy, Play Therapy and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In addition to her work at Learning Through Play, Nikki is also Family Care’s Divorce and Mediation Center’s Program Director, Co-Parent Coach, Support Group Leader, and Trainer.


Nikki met her future husband, Jason Mingledorff, a well-respected and versatile local musician, a year before beginning her graduate training in San Diego. After a 2-year long distance relationship, Nikki returned to New Orleans and the two quickly married. When Nikki became a mom for the first time, her whole world shifted.  Because of her husband’s hectic touring schedule and the rigorous nature of her work, Nikki decided to take a hiatus from her professional career to focus on her family.  Because of her professional background working with parents, families and children, Nikki was a confident first-time mom. During the early childrearing years of her three sons, Nikki saw how considerably and seamlessly her professional and personal experience melded together, and thus, the first seeds of Learning Through Play emerged!




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